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Over 7 Canada Golf Summer Camps Listed Below with In-Depth Camp Info, including: Videos, Photos, Maps & Detailed Descriptions

Winter & Winter Break Golf Camps, Programs, Workshops, & Classes in Canada are Starting in December, 2016

Many of our Canada Golf Camps offer Winter & Winter Break Golf Programs, Activities, Workshops & Classes starting in December, 2016.

Be sure to check the "Year-Round Programs and Other Camp Info" headings of each camp listing for specifics, or give any Golf Camp you're interested in a call to check on Winter & Winter Break dates, times and availability.

Winter & Winter Break 2017 Golf Camp Open Houses & Reunions

Many of our Golf Camps will be hosting Winter & Winter Break Reunions for their previous campers, and Winter & Winter Break Open Houses for interested new campers and families. Each camp is different, and some offer activities for the entire family.

Contact the camp(s) directly to see if there are any Camp Reunion or Open House Plans for December, 2016.

Best Canada Winter & Winter Break Golf Day Camps Starting in December, 2016

Looking for a Great Canada Golf Day Camp? Look at each camp's TYPE OF CAMP description. Many of our Best Canada Day Golf Camps also list their exact hours, and if they offer before and after camp activities.

Best Canada Year-Round
Golf Camps, Classes & Golf Programs

Many of our Best Canada Summer Golf Camps also offer Year Round Golf Camp Programs, Classes, and Activities. You should contact the camps you are interested in to see if they offer Fall, Winter and/or Spring Golf Programs, too.

Best Canada Winter & Winter Break Golf Camp Jobs

Searching for Canada Golf Camp Jobs? Many of our Best Golf Camps are now listing their 2017 Winter & Winter Break Camp Jobs, too. Look for the heading "Summer Camp Jobs" in each camp listing. You can also check any camp's website for their "Work at Camp" or "Winter & Winter Break Employment Opportunities" pages.

View ALL CANADA Camps with Winter & Winter Break Work & Leadership Training Opportunities.

Medeba Summer Camp
West Guilford, Ontario

Visit Our Medeba Summer Camp Website
1270 Kennisis Lake Rd.
Box 138
West Guilford, Ontario K0M 2S0

Find the Best Golf Camp in West Guilford, Canada

Watch Our Medeba Summer Camp Video


TYPE OF CAMP: Overnight/Sleepaway. Day Camp.

CAMPER GENDER(S): Coed Campers.

AFFILIATION(S): We are a Non-denominational Christian camp where everyone is welcome.

Swimming, Team Sports, Waterfront/Aquatics, Fine Arts/Crafts, Adventure, Wilderness/Nature, and more. High Ropes, Zip Line, Mountain Biking, Archery, Riflery, Canoeing, Kayaking, Mountain Boarding, Woodworking, Jewellery Making, Rock Climbing, Aqua Park, Field Sports, Wide Games, Artificial Ice Climbing, Frisbee Golf, Giant Swing, GPS/Geocaching

CAMP LOCATION: Located about 2 hours north of Toronto, Medeba is nestled in the beautiful Haliburton Highlands.

CAMP FACILITIES: Our facilities exceed expectations. We have wonderful cabins that are bright and welcoming with lots of space for the campers and staff. We have modern washrooms with a generous amount of toilets, showers and sinks. See our facilities page for pictures and information at: This Website Link

CAMP PROGRAM INFO: Extensive adventure activities. With a 15 element ropes course, double giant swing, double 700 foot zipline, a vertical team challenge tower, indoor and outdoor rock climbing walls, summer ice climbing tower, mountain biking and boarding, white water boating. We are leaders in the use of adventure activities as fun and exciting development tools. Rich traditional camp activities available include swimming, archery, air rifle target sports, wood working, arts and crafts, canoeing, and kayaking.

See activities page for pictures and more information at: This Website Link

CAMP LEADERSHIP CIT/LIT PROGRAMS: Medeba runs a 2 part Leaders In Training (LIT) program. LIT 1 runs from June 29 - July 26, 2014 and LIT 2 runs from July 27 - August 23, 2014.
LIT uses adventure and community to develop leadership skills in the participants through a combination of formal training, adventure activities and hands on experience.

Please visit our website for more information This Website Link

CAMP SCHOLARSHIPS OR FINANCIAL ASSISTANCE: Please contact the Medeba office for information at info[AT]

YEAR-ROUND PROGRAMS: Medeba continues to host schools and groups year round. Bring your class to experience outdoor and adventure activities. The group will learn about themselves, leadership and working within a team. Please visit our website for more information at This Website Link.

OTHER CAMP INFO: We are a Non-denominational Christian camp where everyone is welcome. We are a safe place to explore faith and what the Bible has to say about God and life. Trained staff with high moral standards serve as positive role models to the campers. We have a total staff to camper ratio of 1-2 and with two leaders in every cabin of up to eight campers. We boast of a mature staff with the average age of our summer staff being 21.

We are intentional about creating a community that is a positive environment of engagement, encouragement and acceptance. We do not allow put downs even in a joking way. This is a great place to be yourself and develop healthy interdependence.

We are so convinced of the value of the Medeba experience that we guarantee it. If you are not completely satisfied we will make it right or refund your money.


Summer 2014

Blast (Age 6 - 10)
June 29 - July 5: Blast
June 29 - July 2: Mini Blast A
July 2 - 5: Mini Blast B
June 29 - July 4: Blast Day Camp

Discovery (Age 8 - 12)
July 6 - 12: Discovery 1
July 6 - 11: Discovery 1 Day Camp
July 13 - 19: Discovery 2
July 13 - 18: Discovery 2 Day Camp

Venture (Age 10 - 15)
July 20 - 26: Venture 1
July 20 - 25: Venture 1 Day Camp
July 27 - Aug 2: Venture 2
July 27 - Aug 1: Venture 2 Day Camp
Aug 3 - 9: Venture 3
Aug 3 - 8: Venture 3 Day Camp
Aug 10 - 16: Venture 4
Aug 10 - 15: Venture 4 Day Camp

Nitro (Age 13 - 17)
August 17 - 23: Nitro

Leaders In Training (Age 15 - 18)
June 29 - July 26: Leaders In Training 1
July 27 - Aug 23: Leaders In Training 2

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Medeba Summer Camp

There are 7 Top Canada Golf Camps Below

Canada Golf Camps

Be sure to ask each Canada Golf Camp about the amount of golf instruction and the overall intensity of their golf program.

Some Top Canada Golf Camps offer rigorous daily golf training and lots of intensive golf experience. Other great Canada Camps offer golf as an elective or recreational activity with much less training and intensity.

View ONLY Canada Golf Day Camps?

Would you like to see a List of Top Canada Golf Day Camps Only, Organized by City?

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Dallas Valley Ranch Camp
Lumsden, Saskatchewan

Visit Our Dallas Valley Ranch Camp Website
Box 779
Lumsden, Saskatchewan S0G 3C0

Find the Best Golf Camp in Lumsden, Canada

Watch Our Dallas Valley Ranch Camp Video


TYPE OF CAMP: Overnight/Sleepaway.

CAMPER GENDER(S): Coed Campers. All Boy Campers. All Girl Campers.

AFFILIATION(S): Christian.

Golf, Swimming, Team Sports, Horses/Equestrian, Basketball, Waterfront/Aquatics, Adventure, and more. Xtreme Camp For Boys
Hunter's Safety Camp
Girl's Getaway
Barrel Racing
Western Riding

CAMP LOCATION: We are located 15 minutes north-west of Regina, Saskatchewan. Dallas Valley is on a large plot of land with much diversity. There are hills, trees, a creek, dugout, and the typical prairie flat land.

CAMP FACILITIES: Dallas Valley has 3-5 different camps that run simultaneously.

Our site has a swimming pool and hot tub (summer camps only), climbing wall, high ropes course, challenge course, beach volleyball, basketball, human foosball, dugout with zipline (drop into water) and floating toys, archery ranges, riflery ranges, paintball fields, riding arenas, fire pits, and many trails.

Main camp has 15 cabins, a nurse's station, the Hub (building used for instruction and chapel), the Ranch House (dining hall and rec room), and a Lodge for our support staff in the summer and adult guest groups throughout the year.

Conestoga has 9 covered wagons, the Rumble Wagon (dining hall), a nurse's station, and a coverall building (used for morning chapel, and instruction).

Adventure Point is one large building that sleeps 28, 14 on each side, with a dining room and kitchen in the middle.

From mid-June - September we run summer camps for families, seniors, and children.

September - mid-June we host a variety of guest groups.

CAMP PROGRAM INFO: Through fun and friendships, our camp programs emphasize the development of self-esteem, physical and interpersonal skills, as well as spiritual values.

We take time every day to spend time learning about God, in chapel and cabin reflections. Our activities start with a Bible verse/challenge, which shows that the Bible is relevant in daily life.

Cabins consist of 7-10 campers of similar age, with a cabin leader and possibly a leader in training.

Main camp is for campers ages 9-13.

Junior campers ages 9-10 travel to each activity in cabin groups, and get to try most things once. Horseback riding they do for 1 hour, 4 days a week. We have a cabin leader in every cabin, and try to have a leader in training in most cabins for these weeks. The cabin leaders and LITs travel with their cabins and instruct activities.

Intermediate campers ages 11-13 get to choose 4 activities to do throughout the week. They get put into activities at random, and get to know campers and staff from other cabins. Cabin leaders and LITs get put into 3 activities that they either help with or teach, and get one off.

Conestoga campers ages 13-17 choose 3 activities to do throughout the week. They do not get to choose swimming, as they do this as a group. There is one wagon leader in each cabin, who will teach or help with 2-3 activities/day.

Xtreme campers do a lot of paintballing, as well as mountain biking and boarding. They do many activities as a group, as they are Dallas Valley's smallest camp.

Golf Camp, has an instructor who teaches technique, and helps campers improve on their skills. They will stay at Conestoga in the wagons and do skill training at camp, but are also taken to a local golf course to work on their game. *Campers must bring their own clubs*

Girls Getaway, is our newest addition for 2016. It is a girls only camp, in which girls get to be girls. They will try camp activities, but also have time to relax. Many different skills will be brought to this camp, that won't be available at our other camps.

Western Riding features an emphasis on western horsemanship and gymkana with training in horse management and advanced riding skills. You may request permission to bring your own horse. An overnight Trail Ride through the Boggy Creek Valley to the Colhoun Ranch in Flying Creek Valley is this camps highlight.

Barrel Racing campers learn how to properly pattern their horse on the barrels, horsemanship skills, bits and tack, and other camp skills. Campers will practice the pattern daily. They will also do drywork away from the barrel pattern in order to learn what their horses need to know to make training on the pattern easier for horse and rider. The use of different bits and proper saddle fitting will also be covered. At the end of the week there will be a Sask Barrel Racing Association 'barrel jackpot' held at the camp in which campers will have the option to compete. *Campers must bring their own horses for this camp. This camp is open to girls only.*

CAMP LEADERSHIP CIT/LIT PROGRAMS: May long weekend is our staff training, in which all of our program staff must attend. Leaders in training will get to learn to teach skills/activities, find out what camp is all about, obtain job descriptions/requirements, and learn so much more. During the summer the LIT will work alongside a cabin leader in a cabin with the campers, and may have other jobs throughout the summer.

CAMP SCHOLARSHIPS OR FINANCIAL ASSISTANCE: Our campership fund is available to help those who can't afford to pay the whole price of camp. We like to give every child the opportunity to come to camp. We do require a form to be filled out with references.

FAMILY CAMP SESSION(S): 60+ friends camp- For those campers who are young at heart.
Family Camp- Campers aren't old enough, or parents just want to go to camp. You get to experience camp as a family.

YEAR-ROUND PROGRAMS: Our facilities are available for year-round group rentals

Archery is now available year-round, as well as challenge course, climbing, hay rides, and riding.

In the fall, winter, and spring, we have riding clubs and private lessons.

Paintball Warriors - is a paintball club that happend on Saturdays in the fall.

Some of our outdoor activities for our spring and fall rental seasons (weather permitting) are canoeing, climbing, high ropes, archery, challenge course, fooseball, hay rides, and swimming.

OTHER CAMP INFO: Dallas Valley is a place where you can enjoy the beauty of God's creation combined with a well-balanced camp, outdoor education or conference experience. We know that people thrive when given the chance to spend time together as well as experience the outdoors through activity and adventure. Campers and guests will enjoy fellowship with each other, lot's of fun through a variety of challenging activities, caring staff, good food, and the opportunity for reflection and renewal. We conduct summer camps for kids and teens in July and August. The camp is available for the fall through spring seasons to host schools, churches, business and service organizatizations, and other groups who wish to plan their own conference, workshop or outdoor adventure

Our Mission:
To ignite and nourish a life transforming relationship with Jesus Christ through a dynamic camp experience.

Our Values: Commitment to integrity.
Integrity must permeate all facets of our ministry. This will include business and finances, director, staff, camper, and guest relationships, and public relations.
“...whatever you do, do it all for the glory of God.” 1 Corinthians 10:31b NLT Commitment to excellence.
Our desire is to use the resources and abilities, at our disposal, to do the best that we can do in all that we do.
“Whatever you do, do well.” Ecclesiastes 9:10 NLT Commitment to service.
We are here to serve others. In our relationships with others, we want to demonstrate the attitude of Christ who said, “... the Son of Man came not to be served but to serve others and to give his life as a ransom for many.” Matthew 20:28 NLT Commitment to prayer.
We recognize our complete dependence on God to fulfill our mission.
“The earnest prayer of a righteous person has great power and produces wonderful results.” James 5:16b NLT

June 10-12 Family Camp

June 16-18, and September 6-8 60+ Friends Camp

June 28-Sept 4th Summer Camps for kids

September 7-June 15th our camp is available for group rentals.

For complete information please visit our website.

If you've never been to Dallas Valley, join us June 5, 2016 for our Open House! We will have activities open, tours and an ongoing barbecue, for those who have yet to experience camp. There is no charge to come out this day, we encourage anyone who hasn't been to camp to come!

Available Jobs:
Cabin Leader
Leader in Training
Climbing Instructor
Riding Instructor
Assistant Cooks

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Dallas Valley Ranch Camp

There are 6 Top Canada Golf Camps Below

Looking for a Canada Custom Golf Club Fitter or Builder?

Many serious Canada golfers of all ages use the services of a Professional Golf Club Fitter or Builder to make sure their clubs perform properly and perfectly fit their swing. Here's a Directory of Professional Canada Golf Club Fitters & Builders if you are interested in finding out more info.

Golf Camps in CAN
Offer Day & Overnight Options

Some Canada Golf Camps offer BOTH Day and Overnight Camp options. Be sure to check each camp's description under "TYPE OF CAMP" for complete information, and exact hours.

Some Canada Golf Day Camps also offer Extended Camp Hours for Early Camper Drop-Off and Pick Up. If you need these services, you should contact the camp to confirm availability.

Best Prices on All Golf Summer Camp Clothing and Gear

Camp B'nai Brith of Ottawa
Quyon, Province du Quebec

Visit Our Camp B'nai Brith of Ottawa Website
(819) 458 2660
7861 Chemin River Road
Quyon, Province du Quebec J0X2V0

Find the Best Golf Camp in Quyon, Canada

PO Box 23108
Ottawa, Ontario
K2A 4E2

Watch Our Camp B'nai Brith of Ottawa Video


TYPE OF CAMP: Overnight/Sleepaway.

CAMPER GENDER(S): Coed Campers.


Golf, Soccer, Swimming, Tennis, Football, Basketball, Waterfront/Aquatics, Baseball, Wrestling, Sailing, Dance, Theater, Musical Theater, Music/Band, Fine Arts/Crafts, Video/Filmmaking/Photography, and more.

CAMP LOCATION: Camp B'nai Brith of Ottawa is located in the Province of Quebec along the shores of the beautiful Ottawa River at the foot of the Gatineau Hills.

CAMP FACILITIES: Our facilities provide your child with everything they are looking for from state-of-the-art athletic facilities, a fully equipped waterfront and facilities to meet your child’s Arts interests such as music, dance, drama and arts & crafts. Cabins combine the perfect mix of a rustic and traditional camp atmosphere with the comfort of home with full bathrooms and showers in every cabin and all of our campers and staff eat together under one roof in the dining hall. Meals are served family-style and come in many tasty varieties. A wonderful and healthy menu and full range of options including a lush salad bar ensures that all campers can find something to their liking.

Our Medical-Health Centre is fully stocked with medical supplies throughout the summer to ensure that most camper ailments can be dealt with on-site. The camp has a licensed medical professional on-site throughout the summer and we are only 17 minutes from the nearest hospital in Shawville, Quebec, and less than an hour from the renowned Children's Hospital of Eastern Ontario (CHEO), in the event that additional medical treatment is required.

CAMP PROGRAM INFO: Camp B'nai Brith of Ottawa's mission is to provide children, ages 7-16, with the opportunity to experience the outdoors, learn new skills and develop life-long friendships while enhancing Jewish values, traditions, affiliation and community. Since 1936, Camp B'nai Brith of Ottawa has excelled in the delivery of traditional camping programs, athletics as well as the arts, enabling children to expand their horizons in a fun, safe and nurturing environment without regard to their community affiliation, denomination or financial means.

Since its founding, Camp B'nai Brith of Ottawa has remained committed to ensuring that all Jewish children, no matter what their financial situation might be, have the opportunity to experience the joy and wonder of attending CBB of Ottawa.

Your child's happiness and well-being are our primary considerations at CBB of Ottawa. With that in mind, we provide a safe, nurturing environment where each child can participate, learn and achieve at his/her own pace. We believe that through recreational group activities children learn to work and play cooperatively. Under the supervision and care of our highly qualified staff, our campers not only develop a broad range of personal, athletic, artistic and other skills, but also are encouraged to take on tasks, which will enable them to become more responsible and self-confident.

At CBB of Ottawa our goal is to offer a summer "home away from home" where children can learn about and take pride in their Jewish culture, community and heritage including the unbreakable bond with the State of Israel. It is a place where children can grow both individually and as a group. It is a place where important socializing skills are developed and where lifelong friendships are formed. It is a place where connection to the Jewish community can become part of a child's life forever. We are confident that a summer experience at Camp B'nai Brith of Ottawa will leave your child with a positive feeling of himself/herself, others and the surrounding environment.

Key Information
• All staff are first-aid and CPR certified
• Preparatory and continuing education seminars for CIT's and all staff
• A medical-health center with full time medical supervision
• The camp is nut and peanut sensitive
• A Kosher kitchen under the supervision of the Ottawa Vaad Hakashrut
• Accommodation for food allergies and special dietary requirements
• A smoke free environment with zero tolerance for cigarettes, drugs or alcohol
• An opportunity for your child to share experiences with Israeli peers/staff
• Daily Lifesaving Society swim instruction including Bronze Medallion and Bronze Cross levels.
• Welcoming committee made up of staff and campers
• Parent's visiting day
• CBB of Ottawa is the perfect size (not too big and not too small) resulting in your child knowing everyone by the end of the summer!

CAMP SCHOLARSHIPS OR FINANCIAL ASSISTANCE: Camp B’nai Brith of Ottawa believes that all Jewish children should be given the opportunity to participate in the rewarding experience that Jewish residential summer camping can provide. If you require financial assistance to send your child to our camp, full and partial financial assistance is available. In order to be given the fullest consideration, applications must be submitted no later than April 1, 2014.

For further information please contact: Jonathan Pivnick (613) 244-9210.

In addition, we recognize that extending a camper's stay beyond the traditional starter or half session may pose a significant financial burden. In keeping with this mandate, if financial considerations are preventing you from choosing a longer stay for your child, full and partial assistance may be available for this as well.

All requests are kept strictly confidential.

Camp B’nai Brith of Ottawa believes that all Jewish children should be given the opportunity to participate in the rewarding experience that Jewish residential summer camping can provide.

If you require financial assistance to send your child to our camp, full and partial financial assistance is available. In order to be given the fullest consideration, applications must be submitted no later than April 1, 2014

For further information please contact: Jonathan Pivnick (613) 244-9210.

In addition, we recognize that extending a camper's stay beyond the traditional starter or half session may pose a significant financial burden. In keeping with this mandate, if financial considerations are preventing you from choosing a longer stay for your child, full and partial assistance may be available for this as well.

All requests are kept strictly confidential.

FAMILY CAMP SESSION(S): Summer 2014 Dates

Full Session:Sunday, June 29 to Sunday August 17
First Session:Sunday, June 29 to Wednesday, July 23
Second Session:Wednesday, July 23-Sunday, August 17
Visiting Day: Sunday, July 20

Starter Camp

In the First Session this is a two week camp for younger children (Junior or A units) who have never participated in an overnight camping experience. Campers in the B unit may only choose the Second Starter session. Eligible campers are able to choose another Starter Session in subsequent years but only in the Second Session.
After two weeks, if children wish to stay for the balance of the half, parents will be billed for the difference. Parents must pick up their children from camp at the end of the two week starter camp session.

Dates of Starter Camp
FIRST SESSION: Sunday, June 29 to Sunday, July 13
SECOND SESSION: Wednesday, July 23- Wednesday, August 6

Transition Camp

This is a five and half week camp for any campers (except CITs) who have never attended a full camp session but would like to experience more than just the first session. Campers in the Junior, A or B units may attend transition camp multiple times. Bus transportation will be provided for the children to Ottawa from camp at the end of the transition camp session.

Dates of Transition Camp

FIRST SESSION: Sunday, June 29-Wednesday, August 6

The Weekender

The perfect opportunity for 1st time campers, ages 6-9, to join us for a fun-filled weekend at camp and experience Jewish overnight camp for the first time. The fun starts when the bus leave Ottawa on Friday at 10AM. Parents must pick up their child from camp on Sunday. Arrive just before 1PM, have lunch with us, take a tour of the camp common areas and then head home.

Weekender Dates
DATES: Friday, August 1 to Sunday, August 3

YEAR-ROUND PROGRAMS: Curious about what our daily camp schedule might be? Sun-up to sun-down there’s something fun planned for your child. Our daily activities include a wide range of athletic, waterfront as well as arts and cultural activities led by a committed group of specialists. Through our well-balanced and varied program (including an Olympic-sized swimming pool and one of the best-equipped waterski/sail/canoe programs), your child will acquire new skills and be given ample opportunity for self-expression. Under the careful guidance of counselors and specialty staff, campers enjoy the outdoors while building self-confidence and developing a sense of responsibility by doing things for others as well as for themselves. Our caring, mature and personable staff is committed to providing campers with a positive and memorable Jewish summer camp experience. We offer a fully kosher kitchen under the supervision of the Vaad Hakashrut.

And of course mixed into our array of scheduled activities is a whole bunch of “unscheduled” silliness and fun.

For complete information on sessions, dates and fees please refer to our website, at: This Website Link

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Camp Bnai Brith of Ottawa

There are 5 Top Canada Golf Camps Below

Teen Golf Camps in Canada

Canada Golf Camps for Teens sometimes include more advanced or immersive golf activities, and can be much more rigorous and competitive. Teen Golf Camps in Canada tend to have more focus on golf skills development, sometimes involving professional training standards, with age-appropriate activities and special camp events designed for teens.

Be sure to speak with each camp you are interested in, so you know exactly what to expect.

McKellar, Ontario

Visit Our CAMP KODIAK Website
Toll-free: 877-569-7595
200 Kodiak Road
McKellar, Ontario P0G 1C0

Find the Best Golf Camp in McKellar, Canada

4069 Pheasant Run Mississauga, Ontario L5L 2C2

Watch Our CAMP KODIAK Video

CAMPER AGES: 6 to 18

TYPE OF CAMP: Overnight/Sleepaway.

CAMPER GENDER(S): Coed Campers.

BRIEF CAMP DESCRIPTION: Camp Kodiak is a residential summer camp for children and teens aged 6 - 18 with and without LD, ADHD, and high-functioning ASD. We provide SOCIAL SKILLS and ACADEMIC programs along with 50+ activities. We have a 2:1 camper-to-staff ratio with professionals from the fields of education, recreation, and child development, as well as college and university students. Comfortable lake-front cabins include full washrooms with showers.

SPECIAL NEEDS CAMPERS: - Social Skills Program - Academic Program - Adapted P.E. Program

Golf, Soccer, Swimming, Tennis, Team Sports, Horses/Equestrian, Football, Basketball, Volleyball, Waterfront/Aquatics, Baseball, Wrestling, Martial Arts, Sailing, Cheerleading, Gymnastics, Dance, Theater, Musical Theater, Music/Band, Fine Arts/Crafts, Video/Filmmaking/Photography, Adventure, Computers, Math, Science, Technology, Academics, and more. Water-skiing, Wake Boarding, Knee-boarding, Kayaking, Canoeing, Fishing, Stand-Up Paddle Boarding, High Ropes, Rock Climbing, Mountain Boarding, Archery, Fencing, Ball Hockey, Ga-Ga Ball, Tetherball, Go-Karting, Bouldering, Pottery/Ceramics, & Stained Glass.

CAMP LOCATION: Camp Kodiak is located 2 hours north of Toronto in the beautiful Parry Sound vacation area. Our 425 acre site and 2 1/2 miles of lakefront make an ideal setting for a summer camp. Please visit our website for pictures and videos of our facilities and activities.

CAMP FACILITIES: CAMP KODIAK FACILITIES INCLUDE: - 28 lakefront camper cabins with electricity and full bathrooms with showers and large decks overlooking the lake - 2 spacious, airy dining rooms - a large gym/recreation hall - a modern, well-equipped health center - a large, safe, sandy beach - outdoor basketball court - tennis courts - baseball field - soccer field - beach volleyball court - archery range - horseback riding facilities - Arts & Crafts studio - Pottery/Ceramics studio - Stained Glass workshop

BACKGROUND: Camp Kodiak is an integrated, non-competitive, residential camp serving children & teens with and without LD, ADHD, high-functioning ASD. Campers come from all over North America and from abroad. The primary objectives of Camp Kodiak are to build confidence and self-esteem, to teach social skills, to foster independence and to provide an exciting and satisfying camp experience. This is achieved by providing a safe and nurturing environment, a mature, professional staff, a very low camper-to-staff ratio and a program that is designed to ensure success. Staff never miss the opportunity to recognize and celebrate these successes.

PROGRAM: Camp Kodiak programs for success! All sports and activities are taught in an organized, set-by-step fashion to ensure success. Cooperation rather that competition is emphasized. There are over 50 sports, crafts, cultural and educational activities so that every camper can find several activities at which they can excel.

Core Program: Many campers are hesitant to take on new challenges. In order to ensure that they get the most out of their camp experience Kodiak has developed a core program of 12 activities to which all cabin groups are scheduled. They include the Red Cross swimming program, water-skiing, sailing, canoeing, kayaking, team sports, tennis, archery, arts & crafts, drama, high ropes and rock climbing. Campers are encouraged to participate in these activities with their cabin group.

Electives: There are several times each day when campers are able to choose their own activities and pursue personal interests independent of their cabin-mates. The choices include instruction in activities of their choosing and activities that are strictly recreational. Academics: Monday to Friday, right after breakfast, everyone in camp has an hour of academic instruction.

There are two components to the academic program, Option 1 and Option 2. Campers in Option 1 receive academic tutoring. Campers in Option 2 receive instruction in an educational activity such as music, drama, dance, gymnastics, pottery, photography, computers, etc.

STAFF: An important reason for the success of our program is our staff. Approximately one half of our counselors are trained, certified professionals from the fields of education, psychology, social work and recreation. Every cabin has at least three counselors. One or two are professionals. The remaining staff are university students, most of whom are working towards a carreer in one of the helping professions. The camper-to-staff ratio is 2-to-1. All of our staff undergo a rigorous training period before the campers arrive and all new counselors go through a police background check.

MEDICAL CARE: We have a doctor and three nurses on staff. They live on-site, administer all medication and are available 24 hours a day in case of emergency. The hospital in Parry Sound is 20 minutes away.

TRANSPORTATION: Transportation to camp is by highway coach from Toronto. Camp personnel are available to meet campers at Toronto International Airport and to ensure they get their flights home at the end of camp. There is no extra charge for this service.

CAMP LEADERSHIP CIT/LIT PROGRAMS: Camp Kodiak LITs range in age fro 16 to 18. Besides the regular camp activities, they attend workshops on ADHD, LD, ASD, team building, leadership skills and teaching methods. Then, under the supervision of our staff, they have the opportunity to work as assistant counselors with some of our younger campers. They also help organize and implement some of our evening and theme day activities. LITs who are more suited to a vocational program act as waiters & waitresses for our younger campers. They also help out with some of our office routines and help run our camp store.

Session 1 (July 2 - July 29) 4 weeks $5535.00
Session 2 (July 30 - Aug. 19) 3 weeks $4475.00
Sessions 1&2 (July 2 - Aug. 19) 7 weeks $9100.00

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There are 4 Top Canada Golf Camps Below

★    ★    ★    ★

Complete List of Canada Special Interest Camps

Click on any of the links below to visit that special interest camp directory. Return here to continue searching Canada Golf Camps.

More Canada Golf Camps Below

★    ★    ★    ★

Frontier Trails Camp
Eganville, Ontario

Visit Our Frontier Trails Camp Website
10545 Hwy 60
Eganville, Ontario K0J 1T0

Find the Best Golf Camp in Eganville, Canada

Watch Our Frontier Trails Camp Video

More than 6 months ago. Contact camp for the latest 2017 camp info.


TYPE OF CAMP: Overnight/Sleepaway. Day Camp. Day/Overnight/Weekend Retreats/School Day Trips

CAMPER GENDER(S): Coed Campers. All Girl Campers.

AFFILIATION(S): Christian.

Golf, Swimming, Team Sports, Horses/Equestrian, Waterfront/Aquatics, Music/Band, Fine Arts/Crafts, Adventure, Wilderness/Nature, and more. Horse, Equestrian, Music, Adventure, Rafting, March Break

CAMP LOCATION: We are 10 km W of Eganville, Ontario or 90 minutes W of Ottawa on 100 acres of Riding & Hiking trails along the beautiful Bonnechere River, where we swim and do all our water sports.

CAMP FACILITIES: We have Dorms, 22 Single rooms, Meeting Rooms, 5 Cabins, Games Room, Horse Corral, Dining Room, Baskeball court, Bonnechere River Beach.

CAMP PROGRAM INFO: Friendly, qualified, caring staff, 1:4 staff-camper ratio. Camp is a safe, special learning place with riding, waterfront, music, ESL, extreme adventure and traditional programs. 1-7 week sessions.

Campers experience riding lessons (Eng. & W), archery, canoeing, kayaking, climbing wall,mt. Biking, water trampoline and blob, music lessons, overnight canoe and trail rides, whitewater rafting, sports & games etc..

100 acres of scenic trails, on the beautiful Bonnechere River. Frontier Trails receives international campers as well as children from Ontario near and far. Outdoor learning presents opportunities to be challenged by something new, realize an undiscovered talent and increase confidence and skills.

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FAMILY CAMP SESSION(S): We also host Families for camping and cottage rentals, Family Farm stays, Birthday Parties, Weddings, School Groups, Girl Guides, Churches.

YEAR-ROUND PROGRAMS: We also host year round Family TRAIL RIDES as we always keep in mind that we are : TEACHING, FUN, MEMORIES and FRIENDS. Go to This Website Link for more info or to register online.

OTHER CAMP INFO: We also host Families for camping and cottage rentals, Family Farm stays, Birthday Parties, Weddings, School Groups, Girl Guides, Churches . We also host year round Family TRAIL RIDES as we always keep in mind that we are : TEACHING, FUN, MEMORIES and FRIENDS. Go to This Website Link for more info or to register online.

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Summer Kids & Youth camp program runs in 1-7 week sessions from June 30 to Aug 17, for ages 4-16 for Day Camp and 6-16 for Residential camp.The fees range from $589/wk to $899/wk for overnight camp, and $199- $419/day camp depending on program.

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Frontier Trails Camp

There are 3 Top Canada Golf Camps Below

International Golf Camps in Canada

Some of our Canada Golf Camps accept International Campers from all around the world. Some camps could offer special Summer International Programs, scholarships, or other incentives to international campers.

International Campers and Parents: Be sure to contact each Canada Golf Camp you are interested in to see if they accept campers from other Countries, if they hire any international staff, or if they offer any Special Summer Golf Programs for International Campers.

Camp Chikopi
Magnetawan, Ontario

Visit Our Camp Chikopi Website
Off season: 954-566-8235
Season: 705-387-3811
373 Chikopi Road
Magnetawan, Ontario P0A 1P0

Find the Best Golf Camp in Magnetawan, Canada

2132 NE 17 Terrace Fort Lauderdale, FL 33305 USA

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TYPE OF CAMP: Overnight/Sleepaway.

CAMPER GENDER(S): All Boy Campers.

BRIEF CAMP DESCRIPTION: Is your son looking for an adventure this summer? Camp Chikopi transforms lives and builds independence. It is a competitive sports camp where boys learn more than just how to play a sport. They build character, loyalty, leadership skills, friendships and ownership – Chikopi is theirs to be proud of. Chikopi is where your son will achieve much more than he thinks he can.
Established in 1920 our camper to staff ratio remains at 3:1. By maintaining a small enrollment our staff and campers know everyone at camp in just a few days, not just the members of their cabin. Small classes ensure personal instruction in our 25 land and water sports, with optional free specialization in soccer, swimming, triathlon and canoe tripping.

Golf, Soccer, Swimming, Tennis, Team Sports, Football, Basketball, Volleyball, Waterfront/Aquatics, Baseball, Wrestling, Sailing, Adventure, Wilderness/Nature, and more. Archery, Aussie Rules Football, Canoe Tripping, Competitive Canoe, Cricket, Fishing, Kayaking, Lacrosse, Rugby, Triathlon, Ultimate.

Camp Chikopi is a Top Golf Summer Camp located in Magnetawan Canada offering many fun and educational Golf and other activities, including: Football, Volleyball, Tennis and more. Camp Chikopi is a top Golf Camp for ages: 7 - 17.

CAMP LOCATION: 150 miles north of Toronto, 30 miles east of Parry Sound,

CAMP FACILITIES: Wood cabins, flushing toilets, hot showers, sit down family style dining hall on 400+ acres and 2000 feet of lake frontage. Pool built into the lake.

CAMP PROGRAM INFO: Camp Chikopi is the Worlds first All Sports Summer Camp. Our Tradition is something that has stood the test of time. Since 1920, Chikopi, a traditional private summer camp, has offered boys aged 7-17 a warm, family environment that promotes memorable, fun-filled experiences in the Canadian outdoors. Our Program at Chikopi has developed and grown over the past 95+ years.

We firmly believe in great variety and personal choice for every camper. Finding an activity where an individual can succeed is one way we help campers improve their level of self-confidence. Providing this variety helps each camper find a comfort level in our summer environment. This is one of the greatest reasons for spending summers at Camp Chikopi. It is hard for any child to have all of these activities or opportunities at home or at a vacation site. An enclosed Swimming area, Sauna, Canoe dock, Sailing Pavilion, Wind Surfing, Kayaking, and a vast waterfront, Archery, Badminton, Baseball, Basketball, Canadian Football, Cricket, Croquet, Field Hockey, Golf, Handball, Horse Shoes, Lacrosse, Mountain Bike, Rugby, Soccer, Tennis, Ultimate, Volleyball, Indoor Volleyball, Weights Room and Wrestling.

OTHER CAMP INFO: If your son is ready for an adventure this summer read on ........

1. Chikopi is an amazing summer camp for boys that offers a number of activities from soccer, canoe tripping, and hiking to archery, cricket and sailing. If your son loves adventure and the outdoors, we are a terrific option.

2. Situated on quiet, clean Ahmic Lake, Chikopi is a place where boys can get away from technology and modern comforts and discover new friendships and interests in the great outdoors.

3. For something completely different, consider sending your son to our session 6 or 7, both of these sessions allows boys to live and canoe in a Provincial Park, preparing meals, performing chores and enjoying nature. Session 8 has a canoe trip on the local lakes and rivers.

4. This all-boys camp in Ontario is located in the Almaguin Highlands of Ontario. Boys enjoy water sports, ball sports, mountain biking, and other outdoor adventures at Chikopi.

5. Not your traditional camp, this program is all about sports and teams. Chikopi allows kids to choose and try out different activities.

6. Located on 400 acres of white birch, maple, spruce, Douglas-fir, and hemlock, with 2,000 yards of frontage on Ahmic Lake, only three hours north of Toronto, Chikopi provides the perfect place for kids to do everything from fishing to golfing.

7. With picturesque views of Northern Ontario and an amazing program that develops core values in its campers, Chikopi is a spectacular choice for your son. From rugby to kayaking and nature studies to teambuilding challenges, your son will love every day at Chikopi.

8. So your son wants to be in the local swim team? With our rich international history in swimming, tweens and teens can learn proper stroke technique, starts and turns and so much more.

9. Located on the north south border of Ontario, Camp Chikopi is unique because it's a secular camp that teaches the fundamental aspects of good citizenship through good sportsmanship.

10. A real Sports Camp,� campers at Chikopi endure a lot of physical activity while also learning how to love and appreciate their surroundings. Unique activities include open water swim races, road running competition, Team Rambo through the forest and a swim-run-canoe Triathlon. Not only will campers have a memorable time, they will build character along the way.

11. Situated on over 400 acres in the Province of Ontario, Chikopi is billed as the ultimate destination for sporty boys between the ages of 7 and 17. This overnight camp for boys has a history that dates back nearly a century. From volleyball to wrestling, the numerous available activities allow for a highly gratifying stay.

12. Chikopi is the premiere boys camp. The number of activities is endless and they offer numerous packages that can accommodate a camper of any level of experience from those who are ready for a full seven-week schedule to those want to just test it out for two weeks.

13. If you're looking for a sustainable, environmentally-conscious summer camp, Chikopi is an impeccable choice. Located among the stunning Coniferous and Deciduous trees of the north, the original Hollard farm dates back over 150 years. While the activities are numerous and entertaining, it's the playing in and interaction with nature in general that is the most memorable aspect.

14. For campers who want to shed some pounds, Chikopi has more than nine decades of experience in helping youngsters launch healthy, maintainable lifestyles. Boys of all shapes and sizes will feel welcomed and empowered. In addition to learning about eating right and exercising, campers gain social skills through fun activities.

15. Do you have an aspiring Beckham in your home? Does your child yearn to be the next Michael Phelps? Camp Chikopi is the perfect summer camp option. With more than 24 different specific areas of skill to master, campers will find the kind of sports they truly love.

16. This all-inclusive camp is only for boys and its focus is outdoor sports. The boys receive three/four lessons per day. In the afternoon and evening, there are other activities such as team games, competitions, challenges, camp fires, talent shows, skits and more. Chikopi is heaven on earth for boys who love sports and the outdoors.

17. For boys from all over the Globe, Chikopi is a highly-regarded summer camp. While the activities themselves are fun and unforgettable, the breathtaking scenery adds even more to the experience. With teambuilding outdoor undertakings, boys will see their self-confidence skyrocket as they conquer the wilderness.

18. This distinctive camp allows children to try out camp for two weeks spending their afternoons participating in activities of their choosing. Those activities include everything from team sports to swimming lessons. Chikopi is perfect for children in the Ontario, New York, Michigan, Pennsylvania areas because campers can extend by the day or week to experience more of what they are enjoying.

19. For boys who love an adventure or want to travel the world, it doesn't get much better than Chikopi. Various options include canoe tripping into Provincial Parks, English language immersion, day trip to Niagara Falls and team building experiences to prepare for high school and college.

20. Situated in the Almaguin Highlands, Chikopi and Ak-O-Mak (brother-sister camps), are approximately seven miles from one another. While different activities are offered, it's the soccer, swimming and canoe tripping that is by far the most popular at Chikopi. Chikopi has over 40 green and white, cedar stripped canoes to take onto the many lakes and rivers of the Highlands.

And as if all those were not enough to convince you that Chikopi is the right choice for your son, consider this: 2014 Chikopi will celebrate its 95th summer on Ahmic Lake, Bob Duenkel has been the Director for 39 of those summers, Chikopi has been an accredited member of the Ontario Camping Association since 1962, our counselors are handpicked, homegrown from campers and each one undergoes an extensive training program and background check.

Sessions are 2, 3, or 6 weeks. See our web site or registration form for exact dates and fees. Visit: This Website Link.

Job openings for experienced sports instructors - please email for further information. Must hold CPR and First Aid certification, and be willing to provide a current vulnerable persons background check.

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Camp Chikopi

There are 2 Top Canada Golf Camps Below

Canada Golf Camps Offer Scholarships & Financial Aid

Some Canada Golf Camps offer Camperships, Scholarships, and other forms of full or partial financial assistance to deserving campers.

Be sure to check each camp's description under "CAMP SCHOLARSHIPS OR FINANCIAL ASSISTANCE" for complete information, including exactly how to apply.

US Sports/Nike Camps
Canada Location(s)

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800-433-6060 (All other camps)
800-406-3926 (NBC Camps)
877-308-7325 (Peak Performance Swim Camps)
888-780-2267 (Vogelsinger Soccer Academy)
Over 700 Camp Locations Across the US & Canada


US Sports Camps, Inc.
1010 B Street, Suite 450
San Rafael, CA 94901

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CAMPER AGES: Most junior camps accept participants between the ages of 10-18, however some of our day camps will accept those as young as 5. Adult programs offered, too. See our camp specific web pages to find out exact ages for each program.

TYPE OF CAMP: Overnight/Sleepaway. Day Camp. Weekend programs available in some areas. International campers welcome.

CAMPER GENDER(S): Coed Campers. All Boy Campers. All Girl Campers.

BRIEF CAMP DESCRIPTION: Now celebrating over 40 years of camp! We offer camps across a variety of sports which run for one, two or three consecutive sessions across the US and Canada. USSC partners with the country's best coaches to direct our camps at top-rated, professionally-equipped training facilities. International programs offered, too.

Golf, Soccer, Swimming, Tennis, Team Sports, Football, Basketball, Volleyball, Waterfront/Aquatics, Baseball, Gymnastics, and more. Other Camps: Crew, Field Hockey, Lacrosse, MultiSport, Rugby, Running, Ultimate, Waterpolo, Gymnastics, Hockey, & Yoga.

CAMP LOCATION: Over 700 Locations throughout the US and Canada. International locations, too. Please visit our website for a complete list of camps offered near you, at This Website Link.

CAMP FACILITIES: Our camps are offered at top-rated, professionally equipped sports training facilities.

CAMP PROGRAM INFO: Sports are FUN, but they are more fun when you get better! Our professional, passionate, and positive coaches will help your child become a better player and a more inspired athlete. Camp provides the perfect opportunity to improve skills, make new friends, laugh hard, and smile a lot. Our Mission is to shape a lifelong enjoyment of athletics through high quality sports education and skill enhancement while consistently exceeding the expectations of our customers!

During the summer of 2014 more than 70,000 US and international campers attended a US Sports Camps program. US Sports Camps currently offers 24 programs in 15 different sports.

Our summer sports camps include: Baseball, Basketball, Crew, Field Hockey, Football, Golf, Gymnastics, Lacrosse, Multi-Sport, Rugby, Running, Soccer, Softball, Swim, Tennis, Ultimate, Volleyball, Waterpolo, and Yoga. We also offer several International sports camps around the world. Our sports camps continue to grow thanks to an outstanding community of Camp Directors and the dedication of the entire USSC staff. We expect 2015, our 41st year in business, to be our best year ever. We look forward to seeing you at camp!

YEAR-ROUND PROGRAMS: Many of our sports camps offer sessions and special weekend clinics year-round. Please contact us for details.

For complete information regarding summer camp sessions and fees, please visit our website at: This Website Link.

Each camp director is responsible for hiring their own staff and typically hire in late winter and early spring. If you are interested in applying for a position, please email the appropriate sport mailbox at This Website Link and we will forward on your information to any director looking for additional staff.

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Canada Golf Camp Parents & Campers

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